R2Iyyo: 110*

I am depressed enough with the apartment hunt (more on that later) to start cataloging possibly the most dramatic alteration in my schedule. There are numerous blogs in the sphere that talk about the travails of the Newly-Returned Indian and his/her gradual/painful re-assimilation into the melting pot that is our naadu. But I am confident that you will not find one this erudite and so enjoyably legible. The experience starts in O’Hare’s Terminal 5, a Little India just waiting patiently (!) to board AI 126 for a 13.5-hour trip across Greenland, Scandinavia (whose lilting music reached the heavens too), Russia (where the winds of Putin’s wrath buffeted us for quite  a bit), Uzbek/Tajik/Afghan/Pakistan and finally Delhi where a grand total of 3 security check points were open to process a million weary and irascible passengers. Nothing tastes better than home-grown frugality. Actually, one thing did: a casual “Kuch paise do na, Sir” from the guard at the Hyd airport after taking my customs voucher. Any more courtesy on his part and I would have willingly parted with the 2 Amrikan dollars in my wallet. Do I hear an “India Sinning”?

Highly recommended activities even if you’re allowed just a couple of days at home before entering the belly of the MNC beast: get a prepaid cellphone (yes, I approve this ad and I assume that you lot are slightly savvier than self re sim-cards et al.), open a bank account although it will take 7 working days to get it running (just pray that no *jayanthi or *Day intrudes into your plans), and complete the company-mandated medical test. The latter was especially entertaining what with my very first ECG, HIV test (negative so Melinda, Lateesha and Rajasundaralechhmi, you can rest easy) and a thorough physical. Oh, not to mention the acclimatisation to road-crossing (a supreme challenge on RB Rd. in Hyd where traffic extends into the 3rd dimension), the general lack of sidewalks, the utter lack of Yield-to-the-Pedestrian-ness, and the tantalising omnipresence of swirling dust. Say what you may about the curmudgeonly NRI who curses the state of affairs during his/her judgmental vacation, it doesn’t take long to morph into one. Next stop, the city where my plunge into depression and heavy metal started circa 2004…and this time, it ain’t no measly 5-month stay.

*Biblical connection – pliss to decipher and report


2 Responses to “R2Iyyo: 110*”

  1. If the font size, colour and background colour changed, it’d be a lot more e-legible. I’m moving you to reader, sep.

    And thanks for the R2I glimpses..even if you are almost echoing my husband when he R2I-ed over a year ago…I was beginning to forget and need the reminders. 🙂

    • Spent ages in Asian Paints picking this colour scheme so pish posh. More glimpses to come once I get a darn net connection.

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